Klasky Csupo's twin brother
Klaskies are tiny versions of SSF. They share relation to SSF, but no Klaskie looks exactly like him. They are kinda cute, however they want to kill you!!!!

More informationEdit

Klaskies come in multiples forms. and these also pop out of eggs on deviantART. the Klaskie eggs pop out of the deviantART photos by the evil hand. It's spawning appears to kill Splaat, but they're no match for him.

Klaskies are targeted right at Splaat, getting ready to kill him. But that doesn't happen until Wakecrow (the klasky csupo rooster) says "ON YOUR MARK, GET SET... GO!" Then Splaat and the Klaskies charge to attack innocent people. Splaat stops the Klaskies from attacking innocent people. You also get money for killing Klaskies so that you can buy new and more weapons!


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